Sunday, March 4, 2012

The clans are MARCHing

♫ Secret Sphere – Mr. Sin

It's too bad I've been a bit busy for a few days and had to neglect some blogging challenges I typically enjoy completing.

ANYWAY! Is it officially spring now that it's March? The first day of March seemed like the first day of spring here. I cannot remember what the thermometer actually said, but a few days have already been milder. We had a bit of frost today again and will most likely have during the week, but either way, I can already see some bare pavement. (And where I can't – it's bloody slippery there.) Even though I like winter and even though this particular winter has been relatively short, I'm truly looking forward to warmer days.

On Saturday we spent a casual evening in my apartment with a few friends, after I had tried to get creative in the kitchen the day before. I had ended up baking (again), which is something I kinda... I'm not sure if I can say "hate" anymore. I certainly hate cooking, but it's something I need to do anyway. I certainly don't enjoy baking, but I wouldn't have to do it if it was that objectionable. Back then when I was working in a restaurant, cooking, I pretty much refused to ever bake anything (well, since I could refuse; I'm sure the customers were also happier that way), nowadays I'd much rather bake than cook.

Yet I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry when I look at the photo. The slice of the cheesecake can be, err, recognized as cheesecake and it looks at least remotely similar to the photo in the blog post where I found the recipe, but... The sauce. If it had been very fluid, I could have drawn pretty decorations on the slices. Now it looks like someone had thrown up blood onto the plate. :D (Excuse me my associations. It's made of strawberries and lemon juice.)

And, I think I've never managed to build a card house this high. Hahah. I only needed enough rum (Captain Morgan!) to help me with the construction.

The night was fairly interesting. We tried to discuss the best song on Eluveitie's new album Helvetios, but couldn't agree on it (two votes for Alesia, but I disagree). We discussed whether Van Canto has raped Rebellion or Fear of the dark – let alone Primo Victoria – I don't think they have. So yeah, we discussed metal quite a lot, and strangely enough, my Spotify playlist has grown after the night. I wonder how or why... So long!

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