Saturday, March 24, 2012

Make a fire of the storm

♫ SpellBlast – History of a Siege: Slaughter

What a night, oh my, oh my. This post will be roughly 10% about style and the rest... music. Metal. Let's begin with the style part though.

Last night we went to an event called NKM Metalfest, a club happening in the city center. Surprisingly, I actually have photos of what I wore to the club! This is quite something since I'm usually too much in a hurry to take photos of my club outfits.

I don't think my desire to do "fancy" photoshopping destroyed all the details in the photos. Basically, I had a small tube top with studs positioned in the shapes of crosses over breasts, a pinstripe waist corset, a short skirt with a wide hem, home-made ripped tights, high-heeled boots and long armwarmers. And a Kreepsville necklace. I also had a simple, small black bag – naturally, though it turned out to be too small indeed, especially after I had purchased two CDs and someone else three, and they all had to be stuffed into my bag for the rest of the evening...

Sometimes I feel I stand out from average metal concert goers though. And I'm talking about women, it would be natural to stand out from male metalheads. In a way I might feel overdressed – something which never happens in a goth club since I'm far from being as imaginative as the most stylish goth chicks. However, I do want to have the fun of dressing up whenever I'm going out.

Onto the music part now! There were four bands altogether; Crow's Flight, Cardiant, Force Majeure and Dreamtale. I had listened to all the others except for Cardiant, but I was very interested in them as well as we're hailing from the same hoods and I've actually listened to some of their members' earlier music projects. All the bands represented power metal more or less, with elements from other genres as well; heavy, electro... That sort of.

I have crappy photos again since I deliberately used only my phone as the concert camera this time. I knew it would turn out like this, but I wouldn't have wanted to carry my SLR camera. In a way that's a pity; I would have got to take awesome photos in the front row.

Crow's Flight – an interesting Finnish–Swiss act. I was almost the only person who dared to go even remotely near the stage though, which is a pity. I really enjoyed their show, with all my favorite songs from their own album and Shot in the Dark and some Rammstein cover songs.

My favorite song might be Heroes Dying Alone, though it's probably also their #1 hit. Crow's Flight and Gabriel are also close to my heart! I had been listening to them on Spotify (which I recommend others to do too) but I wanted to buy their album The Calm Before, just to support them. Besides, the guys were nice, and offered to give me their autographs (yet some of them had left the club by the time this happened). But had fun chatting.

Crow's Flight – Heroes Dying Alone

The next band was Cardiant (this time the banner on the wall is correct too). As I said, I hadn't heard their material before. It was enjoyable, but didn't blow my mind. I cannot recommend any song for you to listen to, because I cannot remember any by name.

Force Majeure – I think the event host described them as "disco metal", basically they're power metal with some electronic elements. A very good show, the vocalist is talented and an energetic performer. The bassist was radiating energy and delight as well.

I guess I rocked most to this song: Ecstasy

And last but not least, Dreamtale. Very enjoyable power metal again. I can admit that I'm mostly familiar with their album Difference (which is quite old already, and with Jarkko Ahola as the vocalist), but I bought their newest album, Epsilon, at the club. Their show was awesome as well although most of their songs were only vaguely familiar to me, and they probably only played Lost Souls from Difference. (I would have sacrificed something important in order to hear Secret Door. It's my favorite, though somewhat vulgar. Anyway, the melody is bloody catchy!) However, I got to hear Angel of Light and Firestorm, had to watch out for the vocalist's hands so that they wouldn't hit my face and had a great time.

Dreamtale – Angel of Light

Dreamtale – Secret Door

The event host also evoked some excited fangirl screams from me by announcing that SpellBlast and Freedom Call would come to perform in my hometown! The former probably in May and the latter in June. Oh my, cannot wait, especially for Freedom Call! Looking forward to some confirmed information though. So long, hopefully you guys have enjoyed your weekend thus far as well!

P.S: If you've got nothing better to do this weekend, hurry and go grab yourself a free copy of the eBook The New Death and Others which I reviewed some time ago. And even if you weren't bored, hurry, you can save it for a better moment! :D Don't miss the chance!

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