Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fears run rings – monthly theme post

It's time for another theme post campaign by Sophistiqué Noir! February is all about rings! Although I like rings, I don't have remarkably many to show off here. I've fallen victim to too many cheap rings in my life, and all those strangely brass colored pieces are barely worth photographing.

I have a few rings in everyday use, and a few which I wear whenever I remember to pick them up from my jewellery box. Anyway, I don't have fancy and huge rings because I'd probably find them impractical even if they were beautiful. I don't own any of these joint rings, and none of those meant for multiple fingers either. Some of them are very pretty, though. However, such rings which would best suit festive events don't usually end up in my collection, especially if they wouldn't look good with gloves. When dressing up, I prefer gloves to fancy rings. But now, onto my rings!

"Serpents and the tree"
– Waves Under Water
I think this ring is from some trip to Greece, but I cannot remember when I bought it – I've been to Greece so many times after all... This serpent looks best, in my humble opinion, when worn on the thumb. In fact thumb may be my favorite "ring finger", and I rarely wear anything on the actual ring fingers (especially in the left hand – I'm not engaged and wouldn't wear a ring there "for fun"; however, "self-defense" in a very tricky situation might be another thing).

"Stand your ground behind the times
and refuse to follow fashion"
– Skyclad
These two plain rings are my everyday pieces. However, diverging from the photo, I wear them in the right hand. I'd like to find similar plain rings for the rest of the fingers in that hand, and it wouldn't be difficult if I just popped to a jewellery store. Anyway, nowadays I only accept silver or stainless steel and not just some crappy... bronzecopperpewterglassshit with a silvery surface.

"Golstar come!
'Cause I can't resist here in this castle"
– Derdian
I'm quite sure I bought this one in Greece as well, but possibly not at the same time with the snake ring. In fact my preferred finger for this one is the thumb as well, unless I'm wearing it together with the snake one in the same hand.

That's it, I suppose. I only have a few rings worth wearing anyway. And apparently, rings are perfect for fingering when you're getting frustrated and need something to do. :D So long!

P.S: Good morning February! Today I realized it's no longer dark when I go to work in the morning! Spring's coming although it was –20°C.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A kind of magic

♫ Saint Daemon – No Man's Land

At the beginning of January I ended up online-shopping again, this time at Marty Magic. It was quite a... coincidence, I suppose; a friend showed me a photo of an ear wrap which was "so me", but the photo was not on the designer's website. A bit of research, and oops, I had ordered an ear cuff...

So, yeah. Marty Magic is the web store of an individual jewellery designer. The piece my friend showed was obviously this, but I didn't purchase it. Instead, I ended up buying quite a small ear cuff, and I got a dragon cuff thrown in as well! Yet the piece I bought was made of sterling silver, whereas the giveaway was pewter.

I don't think it's particularly easy to find such cuffs, but it was nice to find an individual designer who makes such. Supporting such designers is cool! I also think the prices are reasonable – however, I didn't want to buy one of those more expensive pieces because I'm reluctant to purchase expensive stuff from outside the EU... Don't want to pay customs. :/ But I can point out that the merchant had marked the value of the parcel to be only 2/3 of the real value.

It took the parcel quite long to arrive, however, it was quite promptly shipped. I'm also satisfied with the products; the silvery piece is easy to put on, it doesn't pinch and it hardly comes off, it seems. The pewter one is more loose, but I doubt it'll fall either. I suppose these pieces saved me from another piercing since I had wanted to wear something at that part of the ear cartilage, but well... Since my piercing has been sore for over two months now (I know it can take half a year for it to fully heal), I'm not too eager to prolong my (and others') suffering. :D

In other words, if you're looking for some fine jewellery, check out Marty Magic. The selection is perfect for goths, princesses and pirates! So long!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The adventure is over

♫ Ensiferum – Lai Lai Hei

So I finished reading The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, having been reading it randomly ever since I mentioned it in this blog post dealing with Edgar Allan Poe. It was very enjoyable, something I hadn't expected it to be, and something I could recommend to everyone who has enjoyed Poe's short stories or who likes adventure stories such as those of Verne's. Those who have found their inner pirate might enjoy it too, they're sailing so much.

The image here is Albert Edward Sterner's illustration of a certain scene – about which I won't tell anything as it might be a spoiler.

But alas! Can someone tell me what happened to Tiger? Did I just miss that part, or was it omitted altogether?

Lastly, Satuilin – if you see this, please contact me at quicksilversanity @ gmail.com. I have trouble contacting you regarding your giveaway prize as the email messages just keep bouncing back.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The New Death and others – giveaway contest winner

The New Death and others giveaway contest is now over! Thanks everyone! The winner is Satuilin – congratulations! You can expect to be contacted soon regarding your prize. Have fun reading the eBook!

I also warmly recommend others to check out the book review and consider familiarizing yourself with it. Now, until next time, so long!