Friday, May 18, 2012

Yesterday's news

♫ Dreamtale – Payback

I've been lazy again, and will only update very shortly about yesterday's musical event. Otherwise I'm in a hurry, I should get going very soon... But I will type fast!

Yesterday we went to see three bands playing live; Force Majeure, Dreamtale and SpellBlast. Seems like something you've already heard of, huh? Yes, already saw FM and DT recently. And talked about SpellBlast coming here. Well, there we went, and had a blast, pun intended.

I didn't take any photos of Dreamtale or Force Majeure because, well, I only had my cell phone with me again and the venue was the same too, I was standing in the middle of the front row again... The photos would have been exactly the same! I took a few of SpellBlast though, and they suck in quality.

Had no time to take photos of my outfit, being busy preparing a dinner for two (although I hate cooking), but I took a few random shots anyway to share with you.

I finally put on a pair of thights I had bought quite a while ago and let them wait for warmer weather. I had been unaware of how pretty the lacy pattern would be, so I had to take a photo of them before I manage to rip them. Usually that happens quite fast with fancy thights... 

Lately, I've been fighting eyeliners, getting frustrated and occasionally impressed by different products. If someone is interested, I could write a blog post about these issues.

Anyway, the night was very enjoyable! Good live music, and Dreamtale (which I saw for the third time within two months) played my favorite tracks too. Thus, I probably lost my voice. Already did after SpellBlast, who played second.

As yesterday was Ascension Day, I had a day off work, but would basically have had a work day today. However, we decided to keep the office closed today, which was perfect for me since the night went on late again. And the weekend will be rather busy too, let's see if I can post about it... Anyway, I really gotta hurry now, exercise calling! So long!

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