Monday, February 13, 2012

Monthly Homework Assignment: "I Forgot I Even Own This!"

I've been into blogging challenges lately, or perhaps I've merely been too lazy to come up with some topics of my own? Nah, not really, and this is only my second challenge this year.

Le Professeur Gothique urged us to delve into our wardrobes and find something we had probably forgotten we even own, or something we haven't worn in ages. Sounds interesting!

Some wannabe-creative photo editing included, since all these pieces are black, and there are no hues to see.

"And if one day she comes to you
Drink deeply from her words so wise
Take courage from her
As your prize
And say hello for me"
– Uriah Heep

These clothes are ten years old, and I've probably worn them last roughly eight years ago cannot remember for sure though, but for so many years I didn't consider them my style, or... I'm not even sure why. Somehow, thinking of the days when I wore them, I can see a baby bat I probably still never was. After all, I don't consider myself an adult bat now.

Although the mesh bolero and the long skirt which has a very long slit on the left side, up to the seam you can see at the hips have nothing in common except for the fact they were both purchased in Greece during the same vacation, I've mostly worn them together. At least I cannot remember ever wearing the bolero separately. The top I have in the lower photo is also a part of the original set, but it's been in use for all these years. The necklace, well... It was bought a few months after the clothes. I've tried to keep using it as well, and I actually wore it as a part of one slightly deathrock-inspired outfit about a month ago (I can probably post photos of this later). However, it took my neck several weeks to recover from that evening. :| I'm allergic to it, and I don't know why it was supposed to be nickel-free.

The reason why I quoted Lady in Black for this outfit is that I got to hear such comments back then, ten years ago. Whether I was a lady is another thing...

For some time now, I've been considering wearing these clothes again. Haven't yet found an event which would have been screaming for some elegant gothic romance. And by the way, isn't the detail in the skirt nice? You cannot see it well, but there's a panel of different fabric, sewn asymmetrically, at the very top of the skirt. And some lace too!

"And we got no principles
And we got no innocence
We can't even think of a word that rhymes"
– Alice Cooper

Offering amusement with stupid expressions!

One dress can barely be considered an outfit, but anyway, I couldn't come up with shoes for this yet, and since the straps have some nice buckles on the back, I wouldn't want to hide them with a bolero or anything, and I wouldn't like to wear any top underneath, and well... I think it's a nice piece in its own right. I've only worn this once – when I graduated from high school, and hence the quote. And damn, I have no idea why I haven't worn this! Maybe because I opt for a corset so often when I'm about to party these days...

So yeah, such secrets in my closets. It was fun making this post anyway. :D And oh my I've got so many new readers, I'm... surprised? Welcome aboard, everyone! So long!

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