Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A kind of magic

♫ Saint Daemon – No Man's Land

At the beginning of January I ended up online-shopping again, this time at Marty Magic. It was quite a... coincidence, I suppose; a friend showed me a photo of an ear wrap which was "so me", but the photo was not on the designer's website. A bit of research, and oops, I had ordered an ear cuff...

So, yeah. Marty Magic is the web store of an individual jewellery designer. The piece my friend showed was obviously this, but I didn't purchase it. Instead, I ended up buying quite a small ear cuff, and I got a dragon cuff thrown in as well! Yet the piece I bought was made of sterling silver, whereas the giveaway was pewter.

I don't think it's particularly easy to find such cuffs, but it was nice to find an individual designer who makes such. Supporting such designers is cool! I also think the prices are reasonable – however, I didn't want to buy one of those more expensive pieces because I'm reluctant to purchase expensive stuff from outside the EU... Don't want to pay customs. :/ But I can point out that the merchant had marked the value of the parcel to be only 2/3 of the real value.

It took the parcel quite long to arrive, however, it was quite promptly shipped. I'm also satisfied with the products; the silvery piece is easy to put on, it doesn't pinch and it hardly comes off, it seems. The pewter one is more loose, but I doubt it'll fall either. I suppose these pieces saved me from another piercing since I had wanted to wear something at that part of the ear cartilage, but well... Since my piercing has been sore for over two months now (I know it can take half a year for it to fully heal), I'm not too eager to prolong my (and others') suffering. :D

In other words, if you're looking for some fine jewellery, check out Marty Magic. The selection is perfect for goths, princesses and pirates! So long!

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